November 6, 2015

Cones of light… engraved on stone

Geometries in motion, bewitching and changing textures, games of light and optical effects that design space. When light needs to become an integral part of a textured feature wall, these new cone-shaped stone slabs provide a novel and very elegant solution. The new ‚Coni Luce‘ complements, available for the three most popular textures from the ‚Pietre Incise‘ collection, lend a three-dimensional motion effect to the wall and house within them a light source, transforming a vertical surface into the most appealing design expression. These tiles can be laid in multiple ways, allowing to play creatively with dramatic light-and-shadows effects. The ‚Coni Luce‘ modules supplement the other complement in the collection, namely ‚Curve Luce‘.

Coming out on January 2016 also on our website, with tech specs, description and further images.


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