Marble wall coverings to create warm interiors

Marble, and so marble wall coverings, are often – but wrongly – considered as a cold material, so not the ideal choice for those who want to create welcoming and cozy spaces. Indeed, we are used to see marble just as the perfect material to create prestigious details such as refined smooth surfaces for kitchen countertops and bathrooms or shower trays, bathtubs and sinks. But marble can be much more than this.

If we look at this natural material through the lens of the progress made in marble processing over the years, we will be able to see it in a completely new way.

Thanks to the on-going research and experimentation into marble working, brand-new and innovative product designs have been carved out of stone, making us appreciate what may happen when innovation marries history and tradition. In particular, as our CEO Alberto Bevilacqua pointed out in this article for Houzz, “thanks to CNC machines — machines with numerical control — today it’s possible to carry out many works on stone surfaces that only a few years ago couldn’t be imagined”.

3D marble wall coverings are just an example of the endless possibilities that the industrialization of marble working led to. These innovative textured stone panels allow to express new shapes, stunning chiaroscuro effects and a sense of movement, so the material acquires a totally new mood. These wall finishes will add a refined decorative touch to the interiors, creating a cocktail of innovation, tradition and deep sensations, all to be experienced.



The bar room of the “Hudson Parade House” project by Corben Architects creates a refined nest where to chill out after hectic days. As a natural frame for this relaxing moments, a feature wall with the “fondo” 3d marble tiles echoing sandy landscapes and sea waves. From the “Pietre Incise” collection.



According to Italian architect and researcher Veronica Dal Buono, textured stone panels “imbue our senses with expressiveness and the power of attraction” (read more on “The sensuous pleasure of textured stone walls” n.d.r), helping create spaces where the inhabitants may completely plunge in and interact with.

Not only simple coverings, then; sometimes, they may become veritable fabrics to dress walls up in, providing an enchanting sensation of warmth that pervades the whole space.



The lightness of these 3d marble wall panels recalls the tulle fabric, wrapping up this bedroom space in the cozy and soft charm of marble. Our “tulle” wall texture from the “Drappi di Pietra” collection.



Echoing the typical appearance of ottoman fabrics, these 3d stone tiles give this feature wall a great, slender elegance in the “Qela” luxury store design by UXUS. Our “ottoman” wall texture from the “Drappi di Pietra” collection.


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