Transmitting our knowledge about stone design

One week has passed already since the Industrial Design students of the University of Ferrara went to visit Lithos Design in order to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of stone design.

Many things have been taught and learned on that occasion, many emotions have been shared between us, members of a Company that carries on its projects and its ambitiousness with hard work and satisfaction, and the future interior designers we had in front of us. A common passion was joining all of us that day: the passion for materials, the passion for creation.

First, a presentation took place, during which students were introduced to Lithos Design products, both by the owners Alberto and Claudio Bevilacqua and their Professors: designer Raffaello Galiotto, who has been cooperating with the Company since 2007, and architect Vincenzo Pavan who last year, on the occasion of the exhibition ‘100% Gravity’, commented the STONE GATE project realized by Lithos Design for the exposition. With different words and different approaches, Professors and Enterpreneurs conveyed one and the same idea: a new conception of stone material and its numerous possibilities of use, that pave the way to a world in some ways still unexplored: that of stone design. What a satisfaction to see the eyes of the students almost foreshadowing their future projects “starring stone”!



A guided tour of the production units followed, where students could see a practical example of stone processing through a numerical control machine, and get an idea of how technology has been adapted to the needs and the challenges of industrial stone design. Some volunteers among students offered then to try laying two pieces of the MURI DI PIETRA collection, our decorative stone partitions, which raised interest and fun at the same time and, as expected, was not easy to do…

Leaving the laboratory, the tour continued towards Lithos Design showroom, where our collections were shown and where another show took place: the turning on of the first prototype of PIETRE LUMINOSE – our translucent backlit marble panels – followed by an exclamation of awe and wonder, that was a real pleasure for us.

What more can we say, but the fact that we had a great opportunity to share our passion with a public that appreciated our work from the beginning to the end of the visit? Only one more thing: students, you are welcome!



Pictures courtesy of: University of Ferrara – Galiotto Design


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