The perfect tile pattern for your feature wall: The Golden Mile case

The Golden Mile was one of the first projects I took in charge, during my very first weeks in Lithos Design. It was a great satisfaction, because this project had actually given me some headaches at first about things that now wouldn’t even touch me; it was then that I really learned about our products’ potential in terms of flexibility of use and adaptability, thanks to something at the same time extremely simple and extremely difficult: a thourough study of the perfect tile pattern.

Indeed, some time after the sale I was in touch with the architect to provide assistance in the installation stage, and soon the need to adapt some of our tiles to the walls they were destined to came to our attention. Among other questions, the designer asked me how the layers could best fit our material, as it was his precise wish to exactly center the pattern on the wall, and to cover it completely with the texture. Of course, the material was provided in standard size (in that case, 60×60 cm tiles), and the wall to be covered in the Jacuzzi’s area was 310 cm large; the architect was somewhat concerned about those 10 centimeters left, and how they would ultimately look.



Standard tiles actually may make it seem tricky to do a good job on a true feature wall without recurring to at least some degree of customization. Besides, stone is a precious material that must be respected, so we produce our tiles on demand, we just offer too many models in too many different kinds of natural stone to create a stock. Again, this may well invite to ask for adjustments and custom-made pieces. So I started out for our technical department, determined to examine all possible solutions to fulfill the designer’s request, just to find out that nothing could have been easier. The usefulness of providing by default, in huge projects, a small quantity of spare tiles, produced out of the same stone block as the requested quantity to grant their similarity, immediately became crystal clear to me. All of Lithos Design’s textures are studied specifically so that the design can continue perfectly and endlessly from one tile to the other, both in height and in width, with a truly jointless effect; any professional layer can cut spare pieces on site in order to fill any gap left by standard tiles in any direction, and to completely cover any wall in a barely visible way. There, as simple as that. In fact, it is highly recommended to do that on site, so that the measuring and the resulting cuts can be no less than perfect.

Let me add some personal feelings about the whole affair. I knew the importance and the reputation of the contractor we were dealing with, but for obvious privacy reasons, at the time I had not all the details about the overall project, not to mention about the end customer. As a result, when I saw it published on the portfolio area of our website a few weeks ago I was just amazed: when I was working on it, I couldn’t even imagine how prestigious this wellness center would be, and was not as aware as I am now of the beautiful results we can achieve with our products… well, as many newbies would have been I suppose! I’m quite satisfied to have been working on it.


And if you wish to know more about the Lembo and Seta wall textures featured in this project, download the technical cards here!


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