The new face of Lithos Design. More Texture, more Matter and more Colour!

Creativity and desire to innovate have always characterized our identity, becoming an integral part of our marble design. Similarly, they were the driving force of this change that we conceive as a natural evolution and a spontaneous and necessary step, born by our enthusiasm for innovation and research.



A new marble palette

We wanted to meet designers‘ and architects‘ needs more attentively, providing them with a wider choice of materials that would range from tone-on-tone to bolder combinations.
The result is a new marble palette to carve out our textures from. Refined and polished stones with surprising veins and seductive shades. The materials selection allowed us to widen even more our knowledge of this natural material, being further entranced by its charming veins, bewitched by its tones and fascinated by its enormous potentiality.
We didn’t put any limits on their selection, except for the actual impossibility to process them because of their technical and physical features.
It was definitely such a great chance to study several new stones and outline the best technological approach to process them, always optimising their use by bringing waste close to zero.







Bright colours palettes

Spaces with the colours of nature.
The research and the selection of new stones allowed us to widely explore new combinations not only of texture and material but also of different matters.
Our „Dissonanze“ new collection and its Luxury texture are the most emblematic examples.
New seven palettes stand out for their harmonic dissonance, mingling marble and other materials of natural origin.
The colours of nature emerge and embellish spaces, finishing them with precious and vivid hues.








A new logo

The new logo that now identifies us summarises and combines all these values, that are at the base of our work: innovative essence, attention to detail and support to our customers.
But it also becomes a tribute to the splendour of our territory.
A reference to our technical skills.
And an incipit to our exclusive products.


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