Rosa Egeo Marble

It’s from Greece.
It’s well known for its delicate pink colour.
It’s extremely current but with a past made of epic and mythology.
It’s rosa egeo marble.

Rosa egeo marble reveals itself only with its name: “rosa” like its delightful colour and “Egeo” like the sea that laps Greece, the land where this material is rooted.
Specifically, on the slopes of Mount Pelion, in Volos, the place where the other name it is known with, was born: Alexandra Pink of Volos.
With this story of myths, legends, and engaging traditions, Rosa Egeo marble was chosen as the new material for the backlit textures from thePietre Luminosecollection.
A powerful beauty made of wefts and veins that may be compared to the voracious brush strokes of an artist who is painting a rough sea. The rough sea of the famous picture by Jean Guichard, “La Jument” or that rough sea of fog in the well-known “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog” painting by Caspar David Friedrich.
Agitated light veins on a quiet rose marble surface that reinforce the strong relationship between nature and art.


Phare de “La Jument” lors d’une tempete. Erige sur une pierre nommee la Jument, “Ar-Gazec” en breton. *** Local Caption *** Phare de “La Jument”, Ouessant
“Wanderer above the Sea of Fog” painting by Caspar David Friedrich
The “sole” backlit wall texture from the “Le Pietre Luminose” collection in rosa egeo marble


Rosa Egeo marble unveils an additional power and expressivity once light up: the different thickness of stone incisions allow to create enchanting games of light that further emphasize those veins of nature and poetry that have always characterized this material; with the “sole” model, in particular, rosa egeo marble reaches its peak because the stone processing, only performed on the back of the marble tiles, promotes a wow effect when the tiles are turned on.
The light filters smoothly and with elegance thanks to the crystalline composition of the material that shows transparency able to wisely interact with the different depth of the stone incisions, creating captivating light effects into the spaces.

Pictures copyright of Caspar David Friedrich, Jean Guichard, Lithos Design.


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