Marble designers of the future meet Lithos Design

When it comes to meet young marble designers of the future, Lithos Design always takes an interest in.
For the ” New Materials Technology ” course, a group of students from the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona have to create an object or a sculpture in which they use together a traditional material, such as natural stone, and new and innovative ones that technology makes available. The focus of this project brings them confront with the concrete potential of innovative design and production. In addition to the academical lessons, some visits to local companies are planned for a more formative and cognitive moment.
Indeed, for its students, the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona organized a seminar in the district of Chiampo marble which went on stage on 28th March.

The focus? Materials and their innovative use, dividing it in two moments: a theoretical introduction at the auditorium of the Fontana high school and a guided tour to some local marble enterprises. Among others, also Lithos Design had the pleasure to host the undergraduates as a company that uses marble and natural stone in an innovative way.

On the scheduled day, during the morning the group of scholars was present at an introduction regarding traditional and innovative materials with a focus on the companies they were going to visit in the afternoon.

In Lithos Design, they first attended to a brief presentation held by our Managing Director who examined several issues. Starting from an excursus on the core concepts of our business proposal, he focused on an in-depth look at what is the underlying motivation of our company choices on designing luxury feature walls and floors we market. Then, they visited our production department to see in a practical and direct way the world of marble processing in contemporary interior stone design.

The group listened carefully to Alberto Bevilacqua and was curious to see closely what machines are used and were proactive with questions.

A different school day which will be very useful to them, both as a cultural background and personal experience.

A different school day we hope they will remember with pleasure.

A different school day we were glad to be part of.

We wish you guys all the best for your professional career!



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