Designing our business networking

There is a lot of talk of business networking, even in the design industry.

Companies, institutions, trade associations all talk highly of “grouping”, of creating contact networks and partnership opportunities among companies with the aim of acquiring a broader standing, more influence and competitiveness on the markets. “There is strength in numbers” is an old proverb, but we know that it isn’t that simple, especially in the complex circumstances of modern life.

Fruitful synergies can be formed on the basis of shared objectives, complementary offerings, transparent relations, and the willingness to open up to a broader view of the objectives to achieve, striving to see beyond the immediate returns for each individual player.



We are lucky. Lithos Design has had the opportunity to meet on several occasions with entities with whom concrete actions could be taken, entailing small synergies that demonstrate a willingness to get things done, to show “it can be done”. The latest of these lucky partnerships, but by no means the least important, involves the partnership with Aster Cucine, which began with the production of the shooting sets for the catalogue illustrating the new Luxury Glam line by Aster, and which continued with the production of two glam feature walls designed by Lithos Design inside the new Aster Milano Duomo flagship store. We asked the Marketing Manager at Aster, Paolo Zonghetti, and our owner and CEO, Alberto Bevilacqua, what the ingredients to this recipe for success were, and what made it possible.

„The partnership with Lithos Design was a choice of value in our eyes: for our first flagship store in Milan, we wanted to focus on excellence from every perspective” states Paolo Zonghetti. “We saw in this company the ability to combine sophisticated design with innovation and artisanal skill to produce unique and unprecedented creations, aimed specifically at professionals from the world of design, architects and designers. All these characteristics match the values of Aster to perfection. For the window on Via Larga, two stylish feature walls designed by Lithos Design provide the perfect backdrop for the two different moods of the kitchens on display, Design Thinking and Luxury Glam. This goes to show how both the Aster and Lithos Design brands are able to interpret different atmospheres and inspirations, finding the ideal expressive solution for every ambiance.”

„Lithos Design and Aster Cucine, together once more, to add value to a partnership made to last. With a common goal: to distinguish the domestic environment and make it as personal and enjoyable as possible. The settings achieved through this partnership can be seen in the new Aster flagship store in Milan, and they are able to convey in a direct and effective manner the concepts of elegance and functionality which make the products of both companies unique across the globe. A major opportunity, in the city that is set to host Expo 2015, to see together and personally touch the solutions and offerings of two excellent names in the Italian design world.”



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