Decorative partitions made of natural stone – laying and safety

Are modular decorative partitions safe and steady, even if made of natural stone?

Of course they are. At least, ‘Muri di Pietra’ by Lithos Design are, they are designed expressly to guarantee your customer safety. Let’s take a look INSIDE them and their structure…


TRACCIA – modular decorative partition in natural stone – MURI DI PIETRA collection


The design cleverly hides a steel frame that crosses the entire structure of the modular wall, no matter how wide and height you desire it to be; it is absolutely invisible, but it’s in there to keep the structure together. This steel skeleton can be attached to the floor and / or to the ceiling, and it is provided together with the wall modules, with proper laying instructions. Were it not for its weight, you could just mount it as any Lego Technic construction set….

Our effort is devoted to provide not only aesthetic pleasure, but also solid solutions to real, possible problems; together with our designer, we try to put ourselves in the architect’s shoes, and we welcome any suggestion in order to improve the quality and usability of our products!


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