Acoustic wellness with feature walls – of form and function

It is not hard to talk about a combination of form and function when Lithos Design products are concerned. And it is no accident: we have always wanted to offer a combination of design and cutting-edge technique in the production of our industrial products, which are consequently acknowledged for having a considerable added value.

Not only feature walls than: as an example, the Drappi di Pietra collection combines ample curved surfaces, characterizing its style, with the density and porosity of some of the stone materials we selected for these models and with the sound-absorbent qualities of their back support made of polyurethane, thus contributing to improve acoustic wellness better than traditional stone panels.


The interiors of the luxury brand Qela’s store in Doha by Uxus, featuring the texture Ottoman. © Uxus


Indeed, a Drappi di Pietra cladding allows to mix efficiently the insulation and the absorption of sound waves. The intrinsic density of some stone materials, which makes them naturally fit for acoustic insulation, is associated here with a strong surface shaping, characterized by a marked contrast between concave and convex lines: as a result, this kind of wall covering provides a broader surface to incident sound waves and, particularly when the most porous stone materials are used, it consequently lets a higher quantity of sound energy dissipate; what’s more, it helps reducing the amount of stationary sound waves that typically form in confined settings.



In addition, these features are also combined with the sound absorption qualities of the polyurethane support applied on the back of each tile for an easy installation. Indeed, this material was chosen among others not only for its light weight and flexibility of use, but also for its sound absorption and thermal insulation properties, with the aim to present a cladding solution of peculiar interest for its bold aesthetic character and multifunctionality.


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