What is Carrara Marble?

Carrara marble is the marble par excellence. An outstanding example of natural stone, Carrara is a prestigious marble type that stands out thanks to its brilliant shade and structure, which made it the most used in art and sculpture. 


Carrara marble: origins

Marble is a metamorphic rock originated by a series of physical and chemical transformations. In the specific case of the Carrara marble, it was created from a pre-existing sedimentary rock transformation, mostly made of calcium carbonate derived from seaweed and other marine creatures. Carrara marble has been quarried and used since before the Romans for public and religious buildings and residences. But it was during the Renaissance that it hit its fame peak thanks to Michelangelo and Donatello.  

Types of Carrara marble

Carrara marble is quarried in Tuscany, in the Apuan Alps region. It is such a vast extraction site that many are types of marble extracted here: White Carrara and Calacatta are just a few of them.
They differ for their veining and background colour; in our wall coverings material palette, we selected the Bianco Carrara marble (Carrara Ghiaccio), Calacatta Viola and Calacatta Oro (Paon Royal).
Under the White Carrara marble, there are many types as Statuario and Bianco Carrara. The latter, in turn, encompasses two different grades: the Bianco Carrara C, with a white background, and the Bianco Carrara CD, with a grey background colour.

Difference between Carrara and Calacatta Marble

Carrara and Calacatta marble are from the same quarrying area, but they distinguish themselves from an aesthetic point of view. If Carrara marble is white with grey/black veining, the Calacatta marble has a more dynamic and vivid background with lively veining that may cover a broader range of hues. Discover more about the difference between Calacatta and Carrara!  

What’s the difference between Statuario and Carrara marble? 

Statuario is a kind of Carrara marble and is considered the rarest and most prestigious one. Its brilliant white background and soft veining make it the best quality Carrara and the most used in art and sculpture by artists.

Cleaning and maintenance of Carrara marble

Carrara marble requires low-maintenance and easy care, but you always have to keep in mind that, as a natural material, it can react to food, acids or drinks. It will just take to treat it accordingly and clean it regularly with neutral detergents to preserve it perfectly. All natural materials, Carrara included, change and improve with time, making them a sustainable choice because they don’t need to be replaced as other materials, such as ceramic. 

Carrara Marble Design Ideas

Carrara marble fits every kind of space, whether it may be a living room or an office design.
Here are some Carrara marble design ideas with our wall textures, showing how versatile and elegant this marble may be in every decorative style and ambiance.


The Barcode Zero wall covering in Carrara marble. 

carrara marble tulle

Our Tulle three-dimensional stone interior wall cladding.


Our Chiffon wall covering in Calacatta Viola marble, from the Drappi di Pietra collection.

The Tropico wall covering in Carrara marble in a project by CS Design.

Our Barcode Zero wall covering and our Allegro floor covering in Carrara marble.


Ready to create your Carrara marble space?

All our wall coverings and backlit walls are available in the Bianco Carrara marble option. So, what about choosing the perfect texture to match it?
Leaf through all our wall textures and start creating!


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