The perfect design is just around the mitred corner!

When creating marble bar counters for bistros or restaurants, the question we have been asked the most is this one: “How may we use your marble tiles on the mitred edges?”.
Dealing with standard 3D wall tiles, we are not surprised to receive a question of this kind, and we fully understand the concerns professionals and clients may have regarding this.
We always work on each project to suggest the best possible solution. And that’s why we don’t just provide clients with our standard tiles, but we give them full assistance, considering tiles customisation if the project requires it.

We want to guarantee our clients well-refined designs where each project detail – as mitred corners might be – has been carefully conceived and outlined to let our textured marble tiles perform at their best.

Mitred corners and modular tiles: how we work.

Our technical team works on the project design and creates a drawing based on the on-site measurements.
Once they get the clients’ drawing approval, they produce the custom tiles with an oblique cut carefully designed to make them perfectly coincide with each other on the mitred corners.
Thus, they will ensure that the texture continues throughout the entire surface and the grout lines remain imperceptible even on the edges.
As with every custom project, the technical team eventually double-checks how these tiles perform by dry laying them and controls if the final results meet the original requirements.


Marble bar counters we realised.

We have often worked on projects of this kind.
The “Motel One” and the “Princeville” interiors are just a few examples of how we may customise our modular tiles on the marble bar counters’ mitre corners.
In these cases, we supplied standard and customised tiles of our “eco” and “tartan” modular marble tiles. We also designed a rendering to help clients imagine how the textured tiles would spread out on the entire surface without interruptions, having a preview of the final result.


Indeed, helping designers finish their spaces doesn’t only mean providing them with our standard tiles. It means falling in love with each project we make with them, using our skills and expertise in marble design to help them get the most from every decorative element they long for in their interiors.


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