Stone wall panels in interiors – why use them

In the HOW TO ‘LITHOS’ DESIGN section of our blog, we are eager to discuss about the specific, technical properties and performance of stone wall panels and partitions in interior design; we will resume here very synthetically their most remarkable qualities, but we will get deeper into all of these topics later on!

Stone wall panels are ‘natural thinking‘: natural stones, especially when used as vertical coverings, require easy care and maintain their natural beauty against time. The use of stone claddings contributes to the healthiness and safety of living spaces: natural stones are not inflammable, they do not get electrostatically charged, and do not encourage the development of bacteria and fungi.

The manufacturing of stone wall panels is ‘green thinking‘: processing techniques are respectful of people and of the environment. Indeed, the production does not require the use of chemicals such as colorants or varnishes. In addition, the manufacturing system provides for total wastewater recycling, minimizing its environmental impact. In a stone factory, you can breathe air.

Stone wall panels are ‘energy thinking‘: natural stone has excellent thermal properties. A stone cladding contributes to the energy performance of a building, optimizing the quantity of energy used for heating and cooling. And Optimizing Energy Performance is one of the most important credits to achieve in order to obtain the LEED certification.

More detailed info will follow, let us know which topics you are most interested in and we will put our knowledge at your disposal!


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