Quinte: marble room dividers

Quinte is the new marble room dividers collection launched at the 2024 Milano Design Week, also with the Petalo limited edition.
Within the MetroQuality showroom, Lithos Design previewed this new collection that widens the already large brand dividers, including the Diaframmi and Muri di Pietra lines.


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The new Palmanova and Papiro dividers

The new Quinte room dividers collection is characterized by an aluminium anodized structure and textured or flat marble modules mechanically fixed together. The designer Raffaello Galiotto wanted to focus on the combination of these two elements to provide a product that was easier to handle and lighter than others; thanks to the supporting structure, we could push the marble tiles processing to the limit of what is possible in terms of thickness, always ensuring their endurance.
The result is a light turnkey product that is easy to install in every interior design project without a professional.
The marble modules may be textured or flat and set in different layouts, allowing clients and interior designers to be creative.
Currently, the collection includes two textured marble room dividers: Palmanova and Papiro.
Palmanova shows 3D marble tiles, whose hexagonal texture with circular voids recalls the shape of the city town square the model takes its name from.



Papiro, instead, stands out for textured marble tiles evoking the papyrus writing surface used during Ancient Egypt, with weaved marble “stripes” then spaced out by squared narrow openings. In this case, each module is processed on one side horizontally and on the other vertically, allowing for creative layouts, also in this case.





Innovative design

The marble dividers from Quinte are a highly innovative piece of furniture due to their lightness and easy installation.
The mechanical union and the stone engravings of the marble elements and the metal structure contribute to creating the final divider design with void and empty parts.




So, Palmanova and Papiro are perfect for separate spaces, still keeping their openness. In large cities, for example, where square meters are always more limited, these dividers meet a dual function because they allow separate spaces, creating intimate niches to enjoy some me time and privacy, not forgetting design and style.



Technical specs

The Quinte collection moves away from the other two lines of marble dividers by Lithos Design.
While the Muri di Pietra collection is famous for its sculptural presence and completely hidden supporting structure, Quinte stands out for a marble thickness of 3 cm only and a structure that is as important as the marble elements.





It’s a different matter instead when it comes to the Diaframmi collection that distinguishes itself for a structure that acts only as a supporting element, making marble the real central focus.




Quinte blurs the boundary between marble and metal and turns them into the absolute starring of the product.
Easy installation and practicality are the keys of this collection thanks to their extreme lightness – they weigh 10kg – and measure – 60×60 cm per module.




Innovative materials

The Palmanova and Papiro partition walls are currently available in four different marbles, Travertino Latino, Bianco Namibia, Verde Imperiale and Nero Marquinia, and with an aluminium anodized structure in a warm honey tone.
All four selected marbles are elegant stones, here matched with a structure inspired by the industrial style, and that creates a well-balanced and elegant final combo.





Due to higher urbanization in big cities, it is always more common to have only studio apartments or spaces with restricted square meters available. That’s why wall panels may be a perfect furniture solution for these spaces because they can separate them, creating new niches or private corners.
But when it comes to design, we don’t only have to meet functionality, but aesthetics too.
The Muri di Pietra, Diaframmi, and now Quinte perfectly do it. They separate but also embellish spaces with design, sustainability, and nature, which are values our marble room dividers have always been symbols of.
Discover our new dividers and be inspired by the spaces created with them.


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