Petalo and Elitra tables: a new challenge

Petalo and Elitra tables represent a new challenge we wanted to take up because we felt the urge to do it.  After three-dimensional wall coverings, backlit walls, partitions, and inlaid floors, we offered an object – the table – which is undoubtedly iconic in the design sector.  


Timeless tables with classic marbles

We wished to celebrate the Mediterranean and classic marbles through the Italian Arabescato Vagli, Palissandro Argento, Palissandro Brown and Calacatta Viola; the French marbles with Grand Antique and the Greek ones with Verde Tinos.
All of them are marble with rich textures but are complex to handle.
Our desire was to create enchanting, functional but above all, timeless tables.

Sustainably designed marble tables

Elitra and Petalo marble tables are designed through highly innovative sustainable processing techniques allowing for avoiding or hugely reducing the material waste.
Designer Raffaello Galiotto and our skilful technical team worked together to deeply improve the quality and precision of the cutting technique.


Petalo was inspired by the bud of a flower.
There are three elements asymmetrically overlapped, and then fixed by a concealed joint making them stable.
The Petalo model is available with a single or double base.
The double base is only in Palissandro Argento marble, while the single one in Calacatta Viola, Arabescato Vagli and Giallo Siena, or entirely in Palissandro Argento marble


It’s the brass that characterizes the Elitra model.
The brass interposes and joins with marble by mechanics, showing how natural stone may become a building element.
Elitra is available in Verde Tinos, Grand Antique, Calacatta Viola or Palissandro Brown marbles. Elitra XL, instead, stems from a different project that aims at turning marble into an elastic material through a design that seems to extend, stretch, and warp the natural material.

Productive Consciousness

The productive consciousness has always been a natural calling at Lithos Design.
Like for all the other collections, the respect and love for the natural material have been an essential element in the tables realisation and production.
And the same philosophy has been applied to the packaging, too, opting for a cardboard and wood solution, that is completely recyclable.

A special box

We thought to provide the table with a special box, including all the tools to take care of them, and a booklet where we reveal their design, the technical and installation information, as well as the historical and cultural value of all the marbles selected.


The new marble tables are a further expression of Lithos Design, embodying the company desire to innovate and step forward in designing products that are sustainably designed, functional and with a timeless charm.


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