Outdoor marble coverings and bathroom furniture at Salone del Mobile 2018

Lithos Design chose Salone del Mobile to introduce for the first time their new models and two important novelties: bathroom furniture cladded with natural stone and ventilated facades, widening what the team may provide designers with.

The last Salone del Mobile edition meant change.
Change like evolution.
Change like growth.
Change like innovation.

At the important showcase of Salone del Mobile, Lithos Design chose to launch not only their latest marble coverings but also a completely new and innovative concept.
Indeed, with the “Aquae“, “Barcode” and “Drappi di Pietra Outdoors” collections, Lithos Design team decided to widen what they design and they are mostly known for, interior marble coverings, adding a new range of models to them and giving a new meaning to the same concept of coverings.
With the “Aquae” collection, for example, together with the designer, they asked themselves: “what about detaching coverings from the walls using them to clad a piece of furniture?”

And that’s how the “teti” model was born!
A freestanding element emerging and becoming an actual piece of furniture, covered with natural stone and decorated with some patterns of ours.
The first one to come to life has been “strato teti“, introduced at Milan Design Week with “strato”, one of the latest four textures from the “Pietre Incise” collection.


The “strato teti” freestanding washbasin from the “Aquae” collection at Salone del Mobile, also with the “quadre luce” textured wall lamps from the “Complementi Luce” collection.


A completely new and innovative concept adding a new function to marble coverings: creating furniture tracing a stylistic dialogue in a space.
Let’s imagine a freestanding washbasin clad with a natural stone covering, also used to clad a wall and a wall lamp. With three elements, a total marble look is created, designing decorative connections among all the elements.


A total marble look showing how the same textured marble covering may be applied to many elements of a space.


At the same time, we step forward also in the marble coverings design.
The “Barcode” and “Drappi di Pietra Outdoors” collections introduce an important passage in the company production, showing for the first time outdoor marble coverings.
So, not only indoor marble coverings but also outdoor ones, following the desire to create ventilated facades in natural stone with patterns that meet a wide range of decorative styles: from minimal to more catching and bright ones.


The “zero.3” marble ventilated facade from the “Barcode” collection, displayed at The International Bathroom Exhibition.


A brand new concept that may be expressed with the same “Drappi di Pietra Outdoors” collection, seen as the perfect metaphor for the widening of our production: indeed, two of the most well known indoor wall textures from the indoor “Drappi di Pietra” collection have been chosen to become the two textures of this new outdoor collection, giving the possibility to use them not only indoors but also outdoors, designing facades that are able to catch the eye of passersby and stand out in a urban landscape.


The “organza outdoors” marble ventilated facade from the “Drappi di Pietra Outdoors” collection, on show at Salone del Mobile.


Two important novelties for the company history: a change that is a breath of fresh air confirming an innovative path the company has always been pursuing, never limiting their creativity and desire to move ahead, adding always new aims to experiment, achieve and overstep in a never-ending perspective to do better.

For those who missed Lithos Design booth at the International Bathroom Exhibition or for those who would like to live what they experienced during Milan Design Week again, here it is a virtual tour of our booth and a short video about the novelties displayed this year.


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