Marble wall coverings: a textured well-being

The intrinsic values of stone meet 3D marble wall coverings and innovative design for healthy and stylish spaces to be well, stay safe, and live in beauty.

Now more than ever living in spaces that perfectly meet our needs has never been so important.

Because of Covid pandemic and more limited mobility, houses have become the spaces we spend most of our time; a kind of shelter to be well and stay safe.

Consequently, a touch of nature indoors is now a need rather than an aesthetic preference only.  Whether to be greenery or natural finishes, indoor nature is now that plus improving dwellers’ wellness and helping them enjoy better their spaces.

Our marble wall coverings may be a perfect solution for those looking for this dose of nature, not forgetting a touch of style. They, indeed, combine the intrinsic values of natural stone with a contemporary design and 3D patterns with a final bold accent.

Marble wall coverings for healthy spaces

Natural stones are not inflammable, they do not get electro-statically charged and do not encourage the development of bacteria and fungi.  Thanks to their good thermal properties, they contribute to the energy performance of a building, optimizing the quantity of energy used for heating and cooling.

Healthiness then, but also easy care.

Marble wall claddings indeed don’t need particular or specific treatments to get them clean and disinfected, maintaining their natural beauty against time.

Stone wall claddings for stylish spaces

A fascinating aspect of natural stone wall textures is they are living elements. Being made of natural stone, they improve as times goes by, revealing their most authentic beauty. They stop being only a finish but become a kind of co-dweller, to live, change and “grow” with, over time.

What we wanted to do with our marble design was to boost even more the natural allure of stone, carving out from it, refined 3D texture and innovative design. The result is a wide range of marble wall patterns that may match with many interior styles and meet different tastes.

And this is why we like to speak of “textured well-being”: the safety and healthiness of nature meets a contemporary and innovative design, tailoring spaces to be well, stay safe, and live in beauty!


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