Stone feature walls and the importance of the light

Let’s image the light seeps through the shutters in the early morning, spotlighting our stone feature walls, too.

Every niche of the room starts slowly reawakening as daylight spreads across space, lighting up every element of the room as well as a stone feature wall that suddenly comes alive, exuding games of light and shadow throughout the space.
And the magic is definitely made!



Light in Nature creates
the movement of colours.
R. Delaunay


Whether to be the daylight entering the space or a customized lighting project, when light meets stone feature walls, these ones may finally express their beauty to the fullest, revealing their authentic dual essence: nature and design.

Nature as the charming veined marble they’re made of.
Design as the always different and innovative textures carved out from the stone.


Tropico wall covering from the “Pietre Incise” collection


With the complicity of light, nature and design are totally emphasised in a perpetual alternation that, at some moments, celebrates the natural material, and at others, the textured design.


A charming combination that discloses all its magic, turning these stone feature walls into tableaux vivants definitely destined to cast a spell on those who look at them, by revealing enchanting sceneries and alluring landscapes.

With the soft touch of light, the veins of marble stand out while every single engraving on the stone surface emerges, designing on the walls games of light and shadow that continue and always change as hours go by.


Quadro marble wall covering
Not only a simple wall covering but a real living element that can make the difference in a space, allowing dwellers to live always different emotions and feelings.
Thanks to a properly planned lighting project or the simple sunlight, the enchanting games of light and shadow on these marble feature walls can be always created, letting them completely express all the beauty of their natural material as well as their stunning textures.


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