How to backlight marble walls: the elegance of lighting

Marble is one of the natural materials that lends itself beautifully to being backlit, thanks to its beauty and the characteristic translucency found in some of its selections. Using marble in a backlit wall adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to spaces.

What is a backlit marble wall?

It is a wall made with translucent marble types, specifically backlit to create a luminous and captivating effect. The light source placed behind the material highlights its aesthetic characteristics, creating an enchanting atmosphere.

How Lithos Design backlights marble walls

Lithos Design has combined knowledge of marble processing and innovations in lighting to create two visually impactful collections of backlit walls that make the most of the translucent properties of marble

    • Pietre Luminose: Hamal, Mizar, Vega and Sole, four modular and multifunctional design coverings named after the stars. The wall comes to life as light enhances every facet of the design, revealing every difference in the angle, thickness and engraving of the stone.
    • Pietre Chiaroscure: the new collection of backlit marble panels launched during the 2023 Fuorisalone in Milan. Through the sophisticated technique of sgraffito, the backlit marble panels Tweed and Stripes further explore three-dimensionality while simultaneously interacting with two different natural stones. By partially removing the opaque covering material, a design is created on the translucent base layer, utilizing various levels depth of engraving.

These products are optimized for installation, with each module equipped with its own LED backlighting system.


Pietre Luminose: Vega, Mizar, Sole e HamalPietre Luminose: Vega, Mizar, Sole e Hamal

 Pietre Luminose: Vega, Mizar, Sole and Hamal



Pietre Chiaroscure: Tweed and Stripes

Difference Between Onyx and Marble

Marble and onyx are natural stones that feature significant differences in terms of composition, appearance, and characteristics.

Marble is widely used in architecture and sculpture for its beauty and durability. It is a relatively hard material and can be polished to achieve a smooth and reflective surface.

To delve deeper: the difference between Calacatta and Carrara marble.

Onyx is known for its pronounced translucency, which in some cases borders on transparency, as well as its vibrant colours and veining. It is often used to create decorative elements such as countertops, claddings, and design objects.

How to Backlight an Onyx Wall?

The approach is quite similar to that used for marble walls; however, due to the extreme translucency of onyx, greater attention must be paid to the choice of the lighting source and the positioning of the support structure to avoid unsightly shadows or excessive light intensity.


Giallo Afrodite Onix

Cleaning and Maintenance of a Backlit Marble Wall

Regular maintenance allows backlit marble walls to endure over time, preserving their natural beauty. A wise tip is to use mild, marble-specific cleaning products and avoid abrasive substances that could damage the surface. It is important to regularly clean the wall with a soft cloth or a damp sponge to remove dust and dirt.

Where Are Backlit Marble and Onyx Walls Used?

These special walls are commonly used in design and architectural settings to create captivating and luminous visual effects. They are particularly suitable for exclusive environments such as luxury hotels, prestigious restaurants, lounges, bars, exhibition halls, and high-end commercial spaces.

An example of this can be seen in the project carried out for the 5-star Wellness & Sporthotel Jagdhof in the Bavarian Forest, where our Hamal backlit wall was used to enhance the spaces of the Luxury Pool Suite, adding a touch of absolute elegance.


Hamal backlit marble wall | Wellness- & Sporthotel Jagdhof, Germany


Hamal backlit marble wall | Wellness- & Sporthotel Jagdhof, Germany

For the Ashan Offices designed by Gonye Design, the choice fell on our Mizar LED backlit wall whose design inspired by the tails of comets brought light and comfort to the elegant reception.


Mizar backlit marble wall | Ashan Headquarters by Gonye Design, Turkey

Where to see our Backlit Marble Walls?

Our Hamal backlit wall in on display at the Austrian showroom Department One, entirely dedicated to top-tier design.


PHamal backlit marble wall | Department One showroom, Austria

In Milan, at the exhibition area of MetroQuality, located in the heart of the Brera Design District, it is possible to admire the new backlit wall Tweed Smeraldo.
Via Solferino, 24 – 20121 Milano (MI) –Italy


Tweed backlit marble wall | MetroQuality, Milan, Italy

In New York, at the Angela Brown Ltd showroom, the backlit wall Tweed Caramello is on display.
Angela Brown Ltd
153 W 27th St #605, New York, NY 10001, United States


Tweed backlit marble wall | Angela Brown Ltd, New York City

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