Fillo marble top design: less is more

Versatile, functional and with great attention to detail.
It is Fillo.
Designed by Raffaello Galiotto, it is a system of dining and coffee tables that matches marble and tone-on-tone stainless steel.
Clean and minimal lines reveal an innovative and groundbreaking design concept that celebrates the famous “less is more”, making the marble top design the main feature of this model.
The project complexity is all enclosed on the edge of the marble top through a bold layering creating the illusion of a multi-layer surface.
This characteristic allows then to pull together two or more tables, guaranteeing that the edge decor seamlessly continues.
This aesthetic feature and the lightness of the marble and steel combination make these tables easy to move and put near each other according to the project and clients’ needs.
After all, they have been conceived to be easily used, moved and placed to meet several requirements.
In a workspace, Fillo tables may be functional single marble desks or put together to create a long table for a meeting room.
Marble desks, meeting tables, coffee tables for the reception area or, at the same time, dining and coffee tables for living areas.
Fillo’s different sizes, shapes and colours provide clients and designers with a wide range of possibilities.
For this reason, the Fillo model is functional, versatile, and appropriate to many interior design styles.


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