Elitra designer marble table in the 2021 ADI Design Index

Announced on the 27th of October in Milan during a press conference, the 2021 ADI Design Index selection of the best Italian products are now officially confirmed, and they will be on show in Milan and Rome.
Among the products, our Elitra designer marble table, too.

It is such a remarkable recognition for our company that acknowledges the great challenge faced with the recent launch of its first tables collection.

This year, the choice criteria that lead the Osservatorio Permanente del Design have been clear and quite familiar: People, Planet, and Prosperity.
These three keywords summarise the concepts and purposes already communicated and spread during the G20 Culture Summit held in July in Rome.

People: To remind us of the need to tailor a coexistence that is the most civilized, dignified, and far-sighted possible.
Planet: To increase the awareness towards green economies and an equal relationship between man and nature.
Prosperity: To encourage technological updating to make our whole society free of any subsistence issues.

As our environmental awareness has been increasing, the commitment to create a design that is the most functional and long-lasting possible has become a natural and ethical urge.
That is also why our Elitra designer marble table is part of this selection because it tries to imply all the values the jury has pursued in choosing the 2021 best Italian design.

Thanks to its sustainable production approach and its long-lasting quality, the Elitra table aims at including all the values design should provide: aesthetic, but also functionality to meet users’ needs, thus improving their quality of living, fostering their well-being and connection with nature, and offering the timelessness that only a table in natural materials can grant, yet preserving all its charming features over the years.

Discover more about our Elitra table and all the colour versions and sizes available.

Design by Raffaello Galiotto.


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