Designer dining tables: why choose marble?

Emblem of family gatherings, at most during this pandemic, designer dining tables are the perfect place to gather around, spending time with family and friends, and share pleasant moments while perhaps enjoying a tasty dinner or sipping a glass of wine.
As the centre stage of spaces, dining tables are the key to exceptional and remarkable living areas.

But when it comes to choosing the perfect one, the range of possibilities is almost endless in regard to style, material, colour and design.

Dining tables: go natural with marble! 

The first choice to make concerns the material, and marble is the one if you are looking for timeless pieces of furniture that will never go out of fashion.
But opting for marble dining tables means also going natural, bringing nature and its many colourful shades indoors.

From vivid to neutral hues, marble dining tables in marble may satisfy a wide range of aesthetic needs, fitting perfectly in different interior styles.
With our tables, we give designers and clients the chance to choose among different colour versions.
Petalo is available in a multi-material base that stands out for the brilliant marbles Giallo Siena, Calacatta Viola, Arabescato Vagli, or in a single-material option in the elegant and refined Palissandro Argento marble. On the other hand, the Elitra table is available in four different marble options (Verde Tinos, Calacatta Viola, Palissandro Brown and Grand Antique) that can help meet diverse decorative styles, lighting spaces up.

Colour and shape. 

Anyway, it’s not only a matter of colour.
The shape is crucial as well!
According to the layout and the dimension of a space, an elliptical tabletop may work better than a round table and vice versa.
For this reason, we introduced two tabletop versions for each model, letting clients choose between a round or an elliptical top according to their needs.
If the elliptical version of Petalo gets its base doubled, the Elitra one shows a different base design, made of pairs of concave and convex elements.
Functional, therefore, without forgetting the aesthetic.


Timeless like nature

Opting for marble dining tables means choosing timelessness.
Thanks to the hardness and strong resistance of marble, these designer dining tables not only preserve their former beauty but also improve their features and texture over time, allowing dwellers to admire their charming natural transformation.
Spaces will speak of and with nature, blurring the boundaries between outdoors and indoors and helping foster dwellers’ life quality and wellbeing.

What about gathering around and starting now to create new memories with a natural flavour?

Design by Raffaello Galiotto.


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