Carrara marble? Yes, but not only!

What comes to mind when speaking about marble?
Carrara marble, of course!
Just think about Michelangelo and how his gorgeous and astonishing works of art influenced and moulded our collective imagination, mainly linking natural stone to Carrara.
No surprise indeed if natural-stone beginners who long for marble in their spaces, first of all, ask for Carrara.
But it is not the only one.
There are so many natural stones in nature that are as beautiful and powerful as Michelangelo’s favourite but, unfortunately, not yet well known.

That is why we have been insisting on researching and selecting different marbles for our coverings, dividers, backlit walls and tables.
We love presenting new marbles and exploring their potentialities when also matched with three-dimensional textures.
We started from Carrara marble, obviously, and we widened our palette with other precious gems, having fun combining the most classic with the boldest in the same textures.

Design by Raffaello Galiotto for Lithos Design.

Chiffon wall covering in Calacatta Viola


Mikado inlaid floor tiles in Carrara Ghiaccio, Bardiglio Nuvolato, Silva Oro, Verde Imperiale, Rosso Alicante, Rosso Francia and Verde Ming.


Pavimento intarsiato Allegro in Carrara Ghiaccio, Sodalite, Giallo Valencia, Bardiglio Nuvolato, Nero Marquinia, Verde Ming, Rosa Agata e Rosso Alicante.
Allegro inlaid floor covering in Carrara Ghiaccio, Sodalite, Giallo Valencia, Bardiglio Nuvolato, Nero Marquinia, Verde Ming, Rosa Agata and Rosso Alicante.
Tangram patchwork wall and floor covering in Paon Royal, Breccia di Seravezza and Carrara Ghiaccio.
Origo home desk in Avocatus
Origo coffee tables in Rosso Jasper, Avocatus and Camouflage
Piano Aloe wall and floor in Verde Ming, Verde Acquamarina, Verde Imperiale and Carrara Ghiaccio.


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