A talk with the Designer: A double win for Elitra marble table

A few months after the ADI Design Index selection, our Elitra marble table has recorded a double win, collecting its second prize.
This time, it has been the turn of the prestigious 2021 GOOD DESIGN® award, the oldest and the world’s most recognised program for design excellence.
A high-profile achievement for all our team and the Designer Raffaello Galiotto, too, with who we wanted to talk about these winnings and the significance they have in the design.

Elitra has recently received the ADI Design Index selection and a GOOD DESIGN award. Undoubtedly, a great confirmation!
The ADI Design Index selection and the GOOD DESIGN are among the most authoritative ones worldwide; therefore, I cannot but be honoured by these achievements.
The selection criteria are accurate and always in line with the ever-changing society and the same concept of design. I think it has been a high recognition to Lithos Design, too, for its research path and products quality.

Why do you think the Elitra marble table received these recognitions?
I do believe the design concept offers a solution to all the functional and aesthetic product aspects through a maximum savings of the stone material allowed by skilful use of the CNC marble processing.

A marble product is in the ADI design index selection. How important is it? And, why?
To me, it is so noteworthy because marble is so deeply rooted in our culture that the design cannot rule it out.
At the same time, it is essential to find a new approach that relaunches this matter beyond the tradition which has curbed it for so long, also through innovative design and processing techniques.
The ADI Design Index selection highlights this new stone processing approach that reduces material wastage.
Going beyond the tradition doesn’t mean rejecting it but revitalising it.
Marble design shows the allure that the matter itself and the artistic and architectural legacy have created over the years. Nowadays, we have to both preserve it and change it with the times, as our predecessors did after all.


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