A new total marble look

Petalo and Elitra marble living room tables introduce their new total marble look that complements their original design, acting like a real ode to nature, style and colour.
Elitra and Petalo tables entered the world of high-end furniture only in 2020, yet suddenly earned a leading role in the marble design, thanks to the ADI Design Index selection and the Good Design award Elitra table received in 2021.
Their sculptural soul has fostered this achievement, but also the technological innovation and sustainable productive approach have taken centre stage.
Raffaello Galiotto aimed at creating two tables that powerfully express all the volumetric force of marble, not overlooking the cultural sensitivity and respect for this natural material that have been always the trademarks of the entire Lithos Design products range.


Petalo and Elitra marble living room tables

A new total marble look has been recently launched for the Petalo and Elitra marble living room tables, further celebrating nature and its colours.
This new design complements the original one, giving the chance to opt between a glass and a marble top.
The Petalo multi-material version may be matched with a round Carrara Ghiaccio marble top, while the Petalo in Pallisandro Argento is combined with a round or oval top in the same marble.
On the other hand, all the Elitra bases go with a round Carrara Ghiaccio marble top, except those in Palissandro Brown that opt for the round or oval Palissandro Argento marble tops.
The Lithos Design team, with Designer Raffaello Galiotto, carefully picks out a marbles selection that could be as much as prestigious and that could perfectly combine with the existing marble bases.
The result is two stylish tables rewriting the aesthetic code of marble furniture in a new unconventional way, enriching its classic charm with a more contemporary and bolder touch.



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