3D marble walls for yacht interior design

Thanks to their small thickness and three-dimensional engravings, our 3D marble walls may achieve up to 50% weight reduction, allowing an easy application in weight restriction projects, luxury yacht designs, and nautical interior design.


3D marble wall coverings on board!


When it comes to yacht designs, marble is often discarded from the off by the project material palette.
And this is mainly due to the intrinsic weight of marble and the related potential risks that often discourage designers from choosing it for their nautical interior designs.
Through time, many steps forward have been made to solve this issue out. And the lightweight marble has now become the most common solution.
By reducing the thickness of the marble slabs, a supporting honeycomb panel is put on the back of the natural stone module, lightening the marble tile’s weight, yet preserving its original stiffness.
The resulting combo of marble and honeycomb has thus opened natural stone up to all those spaces where weight restrictions were crucial.


3D marble walls for yacht design?

Anymore a matter of weight!


3D marble walls for yacht interior design

But is lightweight marble the only solution?


Over the years, we have had the chance to work on different yacht design projects helping designers achieve what they desire the most: bringing 3D marble walls and floors on high seas.
And we did this, not only turning to marble lightweight but foremost using our marble wall coverings as made.
Our marble tiles have a thickness of 2cm that is further reduced in their carved-out parts. The engraving process helps lighten, to a great extent, the weight of our modular marble tiles, making it unnecessary to apply supporting panels to them.
Comparing a flat Carrara Ghiaccio marble slab to a textured marble wall tile always in Carrara Ghiaccio, the latter will be up to 50% lighter than the first one.
We wanted our stone wall coverings to enter the more challenging interior design projects, as nautical and yacht designs usually are, avoiding any limits to their uses.
With no exception even for our backlit walls!
Although the marble tiles are there installed on metal lightboxes with dimmable LEDs, the engraving applied on stone allows for keeping a restrained product weight and thus an easy installation on nautical projects with no need to further lighten every single module.

In the picture: Our “favo” wall covering with the “favo curve luce” lighting elements in a yacht design by Marty Lowe Interior Design



In case of stricter weight restrictions, however, we could usually suggest three alternatives:

1. Further lightening the weight of our marble wall coverings by picking out the lightest marble material and texture.
2. Opting for our “Cesello” collection that has only 1-cm thickness.
3. Turning to the lightweight marble with honeycomb panels in aluminium or Eulithe, above all for the floors from the Opus collection that are not engraved.
Our project managers will be able then to suggest you the more suitable option for your project, as well as a bit of advice on a proper combination of marble and texture according to the mood of your interiors.



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